Molestation Defense

If you are a teacher, minister, priest, coach, parent or other adult who has dedicated your life to carrying for or working with children, false allegations of child molestation can be a devastating experience.  The mere cloud of suspicion created by allegations of an inappropriate sexual relationship with a child can severely damage your career, personal relationships and reputation.  A conviction of child molestation can result in a blemish on your reputation that follows you long after you have served the terms of your sentence.

Why You Need Our Arizona Sex Molestation Attorneys Defending You

Our experienced Phoenix child molestation defense lawyers understand the adverse consequences of lifetime registration as a sex offender especially when the alleged victim is a child.  We also know that allegations of child molestation can be the product of vindictive parents in custody disputes; overly suggestive therapists, counselors or teachers; or children trying to please a custodial parent.  Our experienced sex crimes attorneys at Ariano & Associates recognize that law enforcement agencies often rush to judgment when children are victims of sex crimes and that prosecutors frequently face intense political pressure to obtain a conviction, which can lead to exculpatory facts being ignored.

When faced with the serious ramifications of a child molestation charge, it is natural to be anxious and concerned about the future.  Because our child sex crimes attorneys recognize the gravity of such a charge, we make sure potential clients have the opportunity to talk to a knowledgeable and friendly sex crimes attorney without the need to schedule an appointment.  Our client rest assured knowing that their case is being handled by an experienced sex crimes attorney not a legal assistant.  Most importantly, we recognize the impact of a conviction of this type of offense, so we conduct a careful investigation and tenaciously defend our client’s rights, freedom and reputation.

What Constitutes Molestation of a Child under Arizona Law (ARS 13-1410)?

Under ARS 13-1410, child molestation amounts to “intentionally or knowingly” engaging in or causing another person to engage in sexual conduct with a child under the age of fifteen, except for contact with the female breast.  The prosecutor may seek a conviction regardless of whether the adult directly or indirectly touches the child or the child touches the adult.

Formal Penalties and Informal Consequences of a Maricopa County Molestation Conviction

The penalties imposed under Arizona’s child molestation law are extremely harsh, including the following:

  • Class 2 Felony
  • 10-24 years in state prison
  • Mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender
  • Felony record

These formal consequences of a conviction for child molestation offense tell only a part of the story when it comes to the consequences of a conviction.  The public condemnation and stigma attached to such a crime make an acquittal or dismissal of the charges especially important.  Some of the long-term informal consequences of such a conviction include:

  • Adverse impact on immigration status and/or citizenship privileges
  • Loss of certain constitutional rights
  • Severe restrictions on where you can live, work and travel
  • Disqualification for certain occupations and professional licenses
  • Academic discipline, expulsion or non-admittance into certain universities
  • Discovery of your sex offender status with a simple web search

Our experienced Phoenix sex crimes attorneys at Ariano & Associates recognize that many people are falsely accused of child molestation.  False allegations may arise out of a nasty child custody dispute when parents use such allegations as a sword rather than a shield.  Sometimes coaching of a child by an unskilled therapist or health care provider can turn an ambiguous comment about an innocent situation into a nefarious sounding scenario.  Our job is to tenaciously defend your rights and advocate for your freedom not to judge.

Free Consultation with a Phoenix Child Molestation Defense Attorney

Our attorneys at Ariano & Associates possess the experience and legal skill to pursue the best possible outcome for those facing serious sex crime charges.  When we are retained during the investigative phase of a criminal case, we immediately intervene to protect our client’s rights and limit the scope of the investigation. Sometimes we can influence the charging decision, so these damaging charges are never filed, or less serious or fewer charges are brought against our client.  Contact Ariano & Associates at(602) 666-0050, so we can answer your questions and defend your rights.

Have you been charged with molestation in Arizona?  Find out more about molestation defense from an experienced sex crimes lawyer in Phoenix at Ariano & Associates.