Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers

Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers – Protecting Individuals from Overzealous Police and Prosecutors

Phoenix Sex Crimes Defense LawyersThe stigma associated with sex crimes means that you cannot afford to go without an experienced Phoenix sex crimes attorney if you are charged with ANY sexual offense.  Although anyone charged with a felony can suffer lifelong adverse consequences, sex crimes carry the debilitating impact of lifetime registration as a sex offender.  This “Scarlett S” can impact your family relationship, occupational opportunities, your right to live in a certain place or travel, child custody arrangements and many other aspects of your life.  Essentially, a person charged with a sex crime needs to aggressively pursue a dismissal or acquittal because plea bargains that require sex offender registration are a resolution to be avoided whenever possible.

Our Phoenix sex crimes lawyers at Ariano & Associates, recognize that when you are confronted by this type of serious accusation, you do not want to wait to talk to an experienced Phoenix sex crimes attorney.  Because we know you urgently need information about your rights and options, we provide the opportunity for you to be immediately connected with an experienced sex crimes attorney without the delay associated with scheduling an office appointment.  We understand what is at stake, so we are prepared to tenaciously defend your rights and challenge the evidence against you.

Phoenix Sex Crime Defense Lawyers Utilize Aggressive Defense Strategies

Our law firm is comprised of top Arizona sex crimes lawyers who have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as positive online reviews from satisfied former clients.  We leave no stone unturned when investigating potential defenses and advocating for our clients freedom and reputation.  Our sex crimes law firm meticulously customizes our defense strategy to the unique facts of a case, but some defenses we have successfully employed in the past include:

Suppression of Illegally Obtained Statements: If you provided a confession or other incriminating statements because of coercion or a violation of your Miranda rights, we may file a pre-trial motion seeking to have the damaging statement excluded.

Fourth Amendment Violations: When evidence is obtained in a warrantless search without a valid exception to the warrant requirement, we may challenge the legality of the search that resulted in seizure of your computer, incriminating pictures or other evidence.  If the evidence seized illegally led to the discovery of other evidence, we also might argue for exclusion of this secondary evidence as “fruit of the poisonous tree”.  We scrutinize all search and seizure activity closely to identify potential Fourth Amendment violations.  Sometimes officer will fudge evidence in an application for a warrant.  In other cases, the officers might exceed the scope of the warrant when executing a search.

Improper Police Procedure: Police procedures are detailed and specific because improper handling of evidence or other deviations from appropriate procedures can result in unreliable evidence or false charges.  If a rape case is based on DNA evidence from the victim, we will review appropriate documents that might reveal a break in the “chain of custody”.  We are diligently in evaluating all police procedures in our clients’ cases to identify potential issues.

Disputing the Reliability of Forensic Evidence: Many cases involving sexual assaults, rape and other sex crimes are based on physical evidence like blood, DNA, semen or saliva.  We will evaluate testing and handling of these forms of evidence to expose potential contamination or other factors that compromise their reliability.

24/7 Legal Advice When You Are Arrested for a Sex Crime in Maricopa County

Our attorneys at Ariano & Associates represent clients accused of the full range of sex crimes, including but not limited to rape, molestation, prostitution, solicitation of a prostitute, sexual assault, child porn, internet based sex crimes and all other sex offenses.  We recognize that the threat of a substantial term in prison and registration as a sex offender means that you need attorneys who will ferociously fight the charges rather than accept the first plea deal offered by the prosecutor.