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Whether you are a “john” arrested for soliciting a prostitute or someone arrested for offering sexual services for consideration, the result can be jail time, substantial fines and other penalties.  Arizona law enforcement agents arrest both prostitutes and their clients when officers discover an act of prostitution.  While prostitution might be regarded as a “victimless crime” by many people, individuals convicted on either side of an exchange for sexual services can be subject to harsh penalties including jail time.

Under Arizona prostitution laws (Arizona Rev. Stat. 134-3211), prostitution is defined as agreeing or offering or providing sexual acts for valuable consideration, which can include such items as money, drugs or other goods or services.  The prostitute or client (“john”) can both be prosecuted for engaging in such an exchange of sex for money, goods or services.

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Arizona Prostitution Penalties

If you are convicted of prostitution in Maricopa County, you may be sentenced to the following penalties:

  • 1st Conviction: 15 days in county jail
  • 2nd Conviction: 30 days in county jail
  • 3rd Conviction: 60 days in county jail
  • 4th Conviction: 180 days

Depending on the specific facts and circumstances, a conviction for prostitution in Arizona may involve the following additional penalties: 

  • Maximum up to 3 years of probation
  • With four prior prostitution convictions, prostitution can be charged as a Class 5 felony
  • Fine up to a maximum of $2,500
  • Mandatory participation in counseling or classes

Punishment for Soliciting a Prostitute

  • 1st Offense: 15 days in county jail
  • 2nd-3rd Offense: Maximum of 180 days county jail
  • 4th Offense: Potential felony
  • Potential registration as sex offender

Defenses to Prostitution Charges in Maricopa County

If you are charged with prostitution or solicitation of a prostitute, you may face consequences beyond those listed above that include job loss, denial of promotions, impaired future employment opportunities, academic discipline, disqualification for financial aid and/or loan eligibility or ineligibility for occupational/professional licensing.

While the penalties for prostitution in Arizona can be harsh, there are a number of defenses our Phoenix prostitution defense attorneys have successfully used to prevent convictions in these cases.  Although the defense will depend on the specific facts and circumstances of your case, some possible defense strategies include:

  • Suppression of incriminating statement because they are involuntary or obtained in violation of Miranda
  • Evidence is obtained in an unlawful search
  • Lack of probable cause to justify an arrest
  • Entrapment through sting operations
  • Lack of reasonable suspicion for a stop
  • Consensual sex without an agreement offering or providing valuable consideration

Protecting Your Personal Reputation & Keeping You Out of JailOur experienced Arizona prostitution defense attorneys at Ariano & Associates carefully investigate the facts, so we can develop the most effective strategy for seeking a dismissal or acquittal.  Because we understand that one mistake should not define your future, our criminal defense firm works diligently to shield our clients from the harsh impact of a prostitution conviction.  We recognize you might be worried about your spouse or employer learning about your arrest, so we will do our best to resolve your situation quickly and quietly.  Contact Ariano & Associates at(602) 666-0050, so we can answer your questions and defend your rights.